A little about us

The wellbeing business is a standout amongst the most imperative commercial ventures of each nation. With the quantity of individuals getting conceded into healing facilities, the gear utilized should be first rate too. These instruments are each planned in an alternate manner keeping in mind the end goal to do particular activities.

Who We Are

Dr. Sadia Impex is mainly engaged in, exploiting and produce large-scale salon and beauty instruments. The products lines have covered beauty, salon, nail and health furniture and instrument.

We dare to come up to our consumer loyalty through quality, productivity, speediest conveyance on focused prices. We would unquestionably need to help and offer this business development with our client which can clear away towards better understanding and long haul business relations.

We are working in the field of large-scale salon and beauty instruments supplies subsequent to more than 25 years. In these years of shear magnificence and inspiration of gifted and exactness of craftsmanship DR. SADIA MUNIR is the pioneer who set down establishment stone of large-scale salon and beauty instruments fabricating in Pakistan.

With the most experienced design engineering team, skilled workers and after years’ development and production, Dr. Sadia Impex has created the solution that meet both the fashion style and customer’s requirements of the products.

Today, from the market investigating to create the design idea, from the model design to develop the molds and circuits of the products, from the confirmation of the products’ samples to put the products to the market, Dr. Sadia Impex has a serious and completed working flow to make sure the products are reliable and quality. With its smart sale team, Dr. Sadia Impex has become the integrated enterprise to promote the development of the beauty and salon industry.

Our instruments are guaranteed to be free of defects in materials and workmanship. Any of our instrument that is determined to be defective will be either repaired or replaced, at our discretion. Instruments not properly cared for or used for purposes not intended will not be covered. Our Instruments’ liability under this guarantee is limited to repair or replacement of defective items. Our production policy aims to qualify first. The services we offer to our customers without compromising our quality have been the first factor in providing service to a wider area every day.

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